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My interest in an architectural space is in the naked architectural space. The white-cube is one such, and so are industrial spaces that seem to be cold and empty. In these spaces the raw concrete creates corners and geometric forms foreign yet familiar, and where my organic objects can thrive. The empty and cold space suggests a clean canvas and the possibilities are many. I think my fascination with such places are because they are not part of my daily life, they are of another scale. A factory or a warehouse is made for a big production or storage, its size and scale is a lot bigger than what I experience every day. As children we play with things that are smaller than us, and our imagination has no problem with the suspension of disbelief. The monumental is the adults play, making one feel ones size and one self, ones corporeal self. A space made of concrete has a sense of heaviness to it, a sense of the basic, the primal, a space where dirt and spills and accidents can happen without repercussion, and where physical work can take place. Even with all these associations, such a space also has a sense of waiting for the possibilities. This is what suggests that it is a foundation and only that. My constructions are subtle, and they can’t endure too much competition from their surroundings.

A major aspect with all my work is light, as the basis of my preferred medium photography, and as a penetrating and purifying element in my landscapes.

The photographic medium is fundamental, as the language of documentary, time, scale and reality. These virtues work together when capturing my new frontier of light, architectural space, constructions and actions.

Photography as a medium has a tradition of capturing reality and moments in time, as well as the magic of capturing and fixing the intangible element of light to a physical surface. The idea of light penetrating the physical surface of a photographic material and then leaving marks of its path in metal is both beautiful and inspiring. I play with light, letting it expose both the surface and the inner structure of my objects. Light is part of the foundation that my work is founded on, part of the physical space as much as the emotional space where my constructions live.

Ultimately my work is about the suggestion of spaces, where entities reside and interact, where light pierce the surface, and where the viewer is invited to contemplate and explore.

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